71 MW power generating in Parbat


April 3, Parbat:
Parbat district is expected to produce 71 megawatts power in the next two years.
The estimated power would be produced from different five projects running in Modikhola and Patikhola.
The district now is producing only 25 megawatts power from various projects. Additional 20 megawatts power would be generated from power project constructing in Pardi in the district.
The construction works of Modikhola Hydropower has been almost completed and is expected to generate the power in the current fiscal year, said project chief Pawan Kumar Yadav. He added that about 90 per cent works of the project is completed.Similarly, Middle Modi Hydropower Project of 15 megawatt is in progress. The Lower Modi Hydro Project-2 having the capacity 10 MW is also in progress. The Lower Modi Project-1 is also under construction which has the capacity of generating 10 MW. The Patikhola Hydro Project is generating 1 MW these days.