Health insurance in effect but people still unaware


Baitadi, March 23: Rural area people of Baitadi district are still unaware of the government-sponsored health insurance programme.
The government has introduced health care insurance to ensure citizens’ easy access to basic health services.
“I am not aware of the health insurance”, said Ramita Saud of Shivanath rural municipality-1, of Baitadi. “What is health insurance? We do not know”, he questioned.
Likewise, Padma Singh Chang of Shivanath rural municipality-1 also expressed unawareness on the government health insurance scheme. “I repeatedly hear about the health insurance but not aware of its message”, he added.
Though the programme was designed to serve poor people its message has not been reached out to the beneficiaries in settlement.
No one has come to make us understood about the new scheme though the District Health Office, Baitadi has mobilized health insurance workers in villages, said Rup Singh Saud, a local of Shivanath.
“First people should know what they should do from their end to receive health insurance service”, he further said.
The government had announced the enforcement of health insurance programme since last year. But, in Baitadi, it has come into effect from this year.