footpath shops pose challenges in traffic management


Ratnanagar (Chitwan), Feb 7:Footpath shops operating unsystematically on roadsides in Narayangadh and Bharatpur market areas have put the entire traffic in the towns into a mess, illustrates a study report.
Business run in pavements has caused inconvenience to pedestrians as well.
A task force formed to study about challenges seen in the traffic management efforts in the market areas of the district came with this conclusion. Taskforce coordinator and District Traffic Police Office Chief Santosh Panta said footpath shops in both towns have not only caused obstruction in the movement of people but also posed challenges in the traffic management efforts.
The finding of the field study prompted the Office to launch awareness programmes on market management in the towns. Now the police and locals are geared up for controlling encroachment on pavements and systematizing fruits and vegetable markets, Superintendent of Police Deepak Thapa said. A campaign aims to support the traffic management has kicked off in Narayangadh and Bharatpur from today , he said.